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                                                                                                    By Tom Patri, PGA

                                                                   During much of my 37 years of teaching this game
                                                                   whenever I have discussed distance control in putting the
                                                                   golf ball I often referred to the stroke as being symmetrical
                                                                   in nature. I talk about trying to make the stroke very alike
                                                                   in terms of backstroke size and pace back and through.
                                                                   Today although I still believe that method / image for many
                                                                   can be extremely productive I’m also suggesting to others
                                                                   an entirely different method.

                                                                   If you have ever used a hammer to drive a nail into a
                                                                   wall you know that your backstroke and through stroke are
                                                                   radically different in size with all the force being absorbed
                                                                   by the head of the nail excelling the nail into the wall.

                                                                   For 37 years I have watched what seems like thousands
                                                                   more putts finish short of the hole then well past. Guess
                                                                   what folks if the ball doesn’t reach the hole it can’t go in
                                                                   !! I often now ( depending on the individuals symptoms
                                                                   ) suggest regulating the distance the ball will travel
                                                                   primarily with length of backstroke and then delivering at
                                                                   crisp compact structured impact to the back of the ball.
                                                                   Some might refer to this as a “ pop stroke “. I have been
                                                                   watching the best players in the world and in recent times I
                                                                   have seen more and more strokes / strikes with a putter
                                              Tom Patri            ( chipping and often greenside pitches as well ) that are, as
                                  President / Founder TP Golf LLC  I call it, the Hammer and Nail style of stroke.
                       Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America
                               Golf Digest Top Teacher - NY State   This style seems to deliver a more excelled type contact. The
                            GolfTips Magazine Contributing Editor  number one goal I’d like every person who plays this game
                              GolfTips Magazine Top 30 Instructor    to embrace their next golf season is to break the code!
                             Metropolitan PGA Teacher of the Year  That is by experimenting with this style- make every putt
                           2X SW Florida PGA Teacher of the Year   you strike either find the bottom of the hole or roll beyond
                            South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year  the hole therefore at the very least having had a chance.
                                   PGA Quarter Century Member      Statistically what if every putt you hit last season that you
                           1981 NCAA II NATIONAL CHAMPION          left short, this next season will reach or pass your objective,
                                                                   some would find the hole! How would this method over the
                                                                   course of an entire season affect your scoring average and
                                                                   therefore your handicap ? How would this affect amateur
                                                                   golf as a whole ?

                                                                   Let’s change our chances to score by loading the stroke
                                                                   with the size of our backstroke and then deliver the
                                                                   “ loaded force “ to the back of the ball with a confident
                                                                   strike and again as stated above a compact structured
                                                                   follow through. Once you have had ample time to work
                                                                   with this method I would love to hear your feedback.
                                                                   Ample time is not a day or week but over the course of
                                                                   months. Ample practice between rounds will be needed to
                                                                   feel comfortable with any change of method. Be patient.

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