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                                                  FROM THE

                                             EVAN O’BUCH, PGA
                                             ASSISTANT GOLF PROF
                                                     @ISLAND CC


                               Golf is a beautiful but frustrating game! We can heavily over think
                               anything from grip, to face angle at impact. However, there is one thing
                               in golf that should be as natural as your golf swing should be authentic.

                               Natural Posture!

                               If you are one of the many players who constantly agonize over the
                               perfect posture position, no need to worry about it anymore. To simply
                               find your natural posture position, follow these simple steps; without a
                               club in your hand, feet shoulders width apart, slightly flex your knees,
                               bend a touch from the waist, and then let your hands drop straight down
                               in front of you. Now clap your hands together and you should be in a
                               comfortable, natural posture.

                               When you grip your club, or any club, with this natural posture position,
                               you should find that the sole of the club lies flat on the ground. If it does
                               not, do not change your posture, change the club. You will begin to feel
                               better and develop more consistency with this natural posture position,
                               plus one less thing to think about.

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