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     We would like to thank EVERYONE who participated in our   Tournament Results
     Toys For Tots Tournament! A special thank you to Harold
     Kennedy and the entire staff at Long Marsh Golf Club, Chef   Couples 1st: 57
     Bob and his kitchen staff at The Hills, along with Matt Licata   Ray Reinhart, Pat Petcella, Ali & Phil Gordon
     (Head Golf Pro) for making this all a HUGE success!       Couples 2nd: 63 Scorecard Playoff
                                                               Joe & Deb Hoagland, Ed & Sandy Swanson
                                                               Couples 3rd: 63 Scorecard Playoff
                                                               Jim & Carol Hastings, Max & Linda Watson
                                                               Couples 4th: 64 Scorecard Playoff
                                                               Tim & Carol Terhune, Larry Sharp & Tevor Ibe
                                                               Ladies 1st: 64
                                                               Jean Harkin, Marge Twitchell, Beth Carson & Kathy Schofield
                                                               Ladies 2nd: 66
                                                               Kathy Powers, Barb Buroker, Nancy Riggot & Joan Forrester
                                                               Ladies 3rd: 69
                                                               Chris Michaud, Donna Robichaud, Geri Bodnar & Patty Hamilton
                                                               Ladies 4th: 70
                                                               Barb Larson, Dario Jensen, Lee Vairo & Sally Bradley
                                                               Men’s 1st: 59
                                                               Charles McCombs, Barry Sullivan, Jason Jones & Sean Huber
                                                               Men’s 2nd: 60
                                                               Skip Scranton, John Kovac, Bill Benedetti & Jeff Zwanzinger
                                                               Mens 3rd: 61 Scorecard Playoff
                                                               Bobby Napp, Jerry Stetter, Tommy Flynn & Keith Dalton
                                                               Mens 4th: 61 Scorecard Playoff
                                                               Joe Valencic, Kevin Brisker, Bill Knowles & Tim Marsh
                                                               CLOSEST TO THE PIN WINNERS
                                                               White Marsh #3: Larry Altenberg
                                                               White Marsh #8: Joan Forrester
                                                               Long Meadow #14: Tim Terhune
                                                               Long Meadow #17: Kerry Ellis
      C                                                        Most Spirited (Worst Score: 77- Lessons w’ Rick Anderson
      Collectively, we were able to donate more than ollectively, we were able to donate more than
                                                               Lorrie Heidengreen, Angie Cambell, Layne Adams & Linda Yarnall
      200 to                                                   Beef O’Brady’s $25 Gift Certificate Raffle Winner:
      200 toys to local Charlotte County Children! ys to local Charlotte County Children!
                                                               Kevin Brisker
                                                               Crown Royal Gift Set Raffle Winner:
                                                               Kevin Cortese

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