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             2019  INVITATIONAL RESULTS

                                                                                            Final Shootout
                                                                                         & Overall Champions
                                                                                        Bill Ferguson & Tom McDonald

                                                                                          Flight 2: -2nd Place                       Flight 3 -1st Place
                                                                                         Jim Prante & Craig Johnson          Mike Hoye & Rob “Alpha Moves” Wiseman

      Dear members and guests that participated in this years Member Guest Invitational,
      thank you all very much for a wonderful weekend of FUN and Golf!  We had a
      great time meeting and spending time with all of you.  We truly appreciate all of
      you who participated in our event.

      We are already looking forward to next years event and hopefully doubling our
      number of entrants once again!  If there is anyone who has any ideas or feedback
      on how we can improve our event in the future, please feel free to email me @
                                                                                          Flight 4 -2nd Place  Thank you all very much!!!                                 Jeff Allerman & Wally Winkler
                                                                                       (Chip off w’ Rotonda’s own Bill & Tom Stine!)

            Flight 6 -2nd Place                    Flight 7 -1st Place                    Flight 7 -2nd Place
            Mike Hobby & Greg Lyon                  Bill Kerr & Mike Sanders             Carl Yager & Jim Thompson

      28    WINTER.2019 SWFL                    240.832.3237           
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