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          SKYiGOLF prides itself on its strong back-room support system that is attentive and responsive to the daily needs of
          the PGA Pro and course operators. SKYiGOLF’s Business Development Advocates, a national network of PGA of
          America members who have vast experience in the industry - collectively, more than 400 years of it - are available
          and eager to help in an advisory role.  With the help of SKYiGOLF, PGA Pros and course owners will have the
          ability to deliver a better product to their golfers while reducing expenses. With a $10,000 hole-in-one opportunity
          awaiting every round and plenty of other perks, players will have a better experience, too.

          PGA Pros. Facilities. Players. Win. Win. Win.

          “ It’s very important to us that the game of golf, and the golf
          industry, lives, survives and thrives, so that future generations can
          enjoy this great sport,” Smith said. “The game of golf is awesome.
          It’s our hope that SKYiGOLF ensures that people who play golf
          have  way more fun doing it. That, along with the tools we’re
          providing golf course operators, will make the industry stronger.  ”

          SKYiGOLF will be donating a portion of every round played at SKYiGOLF
          facilities to the Folds of Honor, a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Owasso,
          Okla., that provides educational scholarships to the families of wounded
          and fallen military members. On Nov. 10, Smith, who serves on the board
          of the Folds of Honor’s North Florida Chapter, handed a check to the Folds
          for $55,000 from his first-year program at Charlotte Harbor National, one
          of his two clubs.

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